Sunday, March 11, 2012

Old Mission Style Coffee Table Turned Cute Craft Table

I wish I had a before picture to show you all, but this is a project I made quite a few years ago. I found a really solid mission style coffee table at Goodwill for super cheap--like $25. The top was in pretty rough shape and got quite a bit of sanding action. I used a hammer to tap off the existing legs and replaced them with fence posts from Lowes--again super cheap. I secured them with dowels and glue like the origional legs, but for extra stability, I used L-shaped backets and wood screws.

My husband thought it was a great idea to let our kids use it for an "Art Studio" but after a few years of "ART" it again needed a good sanding. So here it is for the second refinish now as my sewing/craft table. I stained the top dark brownish black and painted the stools and bottom portion white. I did some of my usual distressing and put on a top coat. Just for fun, I thought I would try a new technique for the protective coat. Instead of poly urathane on the top, I used a water based poly acrylic in my sprayer. This started out as a diaster. I waited for a nice calm day with no breeze got it all sprayed on and while it was drying my neighbors landscaping crew showed up and started blowing her yard. I wanted to scream! So I had to spend some time wet sanding the top to get all the dust nibs out. URGG!

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